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This request refers to a previous request "NUX Control Worksheet Context Menu" at:


The ability to turn off the list edit ability in the NUX was delivered in Oct 2020. 



This is a very welcome enhancement, but an incomplete one. The switch is not completely restricted to Admins. If a user copies the page or creates a new one using their personal pages, they are able to navigate to the switch and turn editing back on for their personal page, thus allowing them to delete lines for the "production " module which is what we are trying to prevent. This is a "leak" that should be fixed. Either don't provide the edit list ability at all to personal pages or else don't allow the permission to be turned off at all by non-admins. Perhaps a "this feature is managed by your administrator " message would be appropriate. This is a HUGE issue for our organization, and allows inadvertent deletion of important data, and requires hours of restoration. This was completely controllable in model and the Anaplan classic dashboards. We add items through a process and don't need the list edit menu for that. 

Will Lederer

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