UX Idea: Toggle Allow editing at Worksheets

Hi all,


I found lack of functionality in worksheets related to editing.

You cannot apply read only mode to input module on Worksheet like you do on Boards.

Currently all worksheet pages are editable and can be controlled only using classic UX role-module access.


To keep UX consistent I propose to add Allow Editing feature to both types of pages.


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  • @KirillKuznetsov  I think is already available: during the setup of the primary grid..in the second screen, there is the "Allow Editing" flag. 




  • @alexpavelthis is for different purposes. Naming of this function is confusing here definitely




  • oops... @KirillKuznetsov  you are totally right... 

  • My personal opinion: the main grid from the Worksheet pages and the Grid boards from the Board pages should have identical functionalities. 


    It is frustrating that some functionalities are available for the grid boards and different functionalities are only in Worksheets main grids... Very difficult to explain to the users. 😞

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • @sprender This should be changed to "Delivered". I do see that it works on Worksheets as well.

  • @Misbah thanks for the nudge this has indeed been delivered.

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