Workflow for Dynamic cell Access


I have a project where we use workflow for the DCA but the limitation we are facing is that it locks all the modules where that list is used as a dimension. Business need a different module for whatif analysis which can be editable even after locking the list. Can someone please help?. And also, can we have workflow management based on different version? 


  • Hi @Aditya1993!


    Are you confusing selective access and dynamic cell access? It is selective access that sets the rules for the reference within the entire model.


    In this case, it is the use of various dynamic cell access modules, instead of selective access, that will solve your problem.


    If for some reason it is difficult or impossible to change the access settings on the DCA, then you can consider a workaround through an alternative lists.

  • @Aditya1993  DCA can be setup differently in every module for the same List..

    Even more: in the same module, different Line-items can have different behaviour (different setup) using DCA. 


    Below the general lesson about DCA:




    DCA is different than the Workflow flag activated for a list:




    Please review and let us know where you are stuck. 


    Hope it helps