Delegation of User Admin Role per Geographical Location or Group of Workspaces


Use the Centralized Identity Management -> User Admin Role to delegate administration tasks per region or group of workspaces.


For example, Asia User Admins, Europe User Admins, and America User Admins in such a way that each group of regional User Admins can see and administer their own set of workspaces according to their geographic location.

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  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • We dont have a geographic organization, but i assume that having users admins to manage users and models access on their respective workspaces (and hopefully split the roles between users and workspace admin vs. Model builders).

  • This is a key feature on our roadmap.


    In your summary, you state that User Admins should be restricted to explicitly assigned workspaces (Asia User Admin, Europe User Admins, etc.):  do you also need to restrict the ability of User Admins to only see users in their regions, or can they see all users in the tenant, as long as they can only assign/unassign that user to workspaces explicitly authorized by the Administrator.

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