Update Current Timestamp by adding a New Action Type

As workspace admin, I would like to have the possibility to update the current timestamp in UTC timezone by having a New Action type created ( similar to the below picture ). 




This could work in a very similar way as the very nice new feature "Update Current Period":


1. Create in a module without any dimensions a line-item formatted as Text

2. By choosing the new action type "Update Current Timestamp" it will be needed to choose a line-item formatted as text from step 1. 

3. By launching the newly created action it will be updated the cell with the value of the Current Timestamp in UTC timezone. (if needed, at Step2 it could be asked as a parameter also what Timezone to be used). 


The result could be like this:



I think, by combining a javascript for creating the string with the Current Timestamp + Transactional API this could be achieved relatively easy and it would really solve all the requests for creating the functions for Current Date or Current Timestamp. 


My impression: this would be an "easy win" with a great impact. 


What do you think?


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  • Very good idea Alex!

  • It would be great to have this action by default! Great idea!

  • yes, please!


  • Would love to see this being implemented!

  • We almost always end up needing and implementing something similar to (but less reliable than) this . Having it be a built-in action would be a lot better

  • I took slightly different approach on this and used a Cloudworks process integration Schedule that runs every hour on GMT.

    It is using a line item with a formula and action that adds 1 to the input. So far working without any issues for more than a week.


        TimeNow = 12




        TimeNow + 1

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