Filter feature for Module and Line item properties in Modules tab


Would be nice to have ability to filter by module properties in a model.

This might be a useful feature for a builder team member to quickly analyze particular entities of the model.

Since list of Modules, list of Line items, list of Actions/Imports and even list of Lists technically are spreadsheets themselves I think it intuitively leads to this idea.

This is how I think it could look like in classic UI, but the same thing can be applied in New UI as well:



The concept of working feature is the following:

1) You click on a filter icon and list of entities appear as in Quick Filter feature or as in Excel drop-down;

2) For most of the properties (columns) this is a simple selection;

3) For property with multiple entities inside, such as Applies to, the list of selection must appear as a separate entities, not comma-separated (like when they are presented in Applies to). This will allow builders select the necessary and see all matching combinations.


The key idea of this proposal is the last point since it is much harder to achieve manually.




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  • whitby

    Good shout - definitely would be really useful to be able to see the modules a list (or subset) is related to - would assist in the support process massively

  • Great idea.

  • This would be super helpful - especially in big models and doing mass updates/clean-up/ standardization efforts.

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