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We have built a group transfer pricing model in Anaplan.  Auditors are now requesting breakdowns etc, but they are unable to see the calculations as when we pull the extracts, the figures are hardcoded.  What is the best way to give auditors the detail of the model? Access and request they drill down? 



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    Not sure if this is the only option but if there is a need to show the calculations to the auditor then you can check if it is possible to give access to the auditors. If they have the access then they can use the drill down functionality in Anaplan.


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    You should create a separate role for the auditor group with read only access over the required modules this will enable them to drill down on a calc through dashboard and to see the breakdown of pricing without changing any data .




  • @CommunityMember113484 It all sums to how frequently do auditors validate the Price information. Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly. As based on each scenario the Drill downs would have to be cell by cell which is very tedious job.

    Ideal solution would be to create a New UX App and Page with the drill down line items so that Auditors can have a better look at the breakdown values based on filters they can apply on top of the New UX page.

    This would avoid auditors having to access the actual spoke model + everything can be readonly on the New UX page as they would be calculated Line items.

    If New UX is not preferred by your team, you can also create a Dashboard and give auditors access to only one dashboard that shows all the line items that would otherwise be shown while drill down.

    Let me know if this would work for you. Cheers!