Anaplan Connector Error




I was hoping I could get some help with an issue I have related to a connection between Tableau and Anaplan. 


When I run a data extract in Tableau the credential box pops up but remains blank. I've read through a post that has suggested this issue could be related to a proxy server blocking the request to the server. I have shut down the firewall and cleared the cache in my browsers but have had no luck with a fix. I have also noticed that when I conduct a password reset with Anaplan I receive a 404 error message noting that the "Request header is too large", followed by a description suggesting that the server cannot process the request due to a perceived client error. What's interesting here is that I do receive a follow up email noting that my password has been changed. I am not sure if these two issues are related but any help that is available is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jaron


  • @JaronAnderson 
    have you used Anaplan connect before? 404 errors can occur due to SSO.

    The Anaplan connect does not work on user having SSO (Single Sign-on Enabled). You would have to open the model you are trying to access and set SSO as False in "Users" to your user-id. 
    After you disable SSO, you may also have to reset the password once (reset link will be emailed to you when you click on forgot password).

    Also please check if the model ID, Workspace ID you have used in the script matches the model you are trying to access.

  • Hi Jairam, 


    Thank you for the follow up here. I did check the SSO and it was not enabled. I did, however, toggle it between true and back to false and did not receive the 404 when I reset my password. 


    I checked with the administrator on the model ID and the workspace ID and all remains unchanged there. 


    I am still having the issue where the credentials pop-up is blank upon opening. Interestingly, my colleagues with the same user access are able to refresh a tableau extract with no issue. Any idea what might be causing the issue with the credentials pop-up opening a blank view?


    Appreciate the help,