Level 2 Sprint 1


Hi Team, 


When reviewing 'Check your Work' my output is similar with the exception of the dimension at the top. 


Check your Work in the content section has no time dimension at the top only 'Has Data'?. My output includes a date, namely the relevant week. 


When I try to omit a time dimension, in this case 'week', I'm unable to replicate the output. Since the formula is 'TimeSum', I expect the time dimension is required? How come it doesn't feature in Check your Work?


Thank you 



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  • jairamkamath
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    @mstanisic TIMESUM can be used on a target line item that does not contain TIMESCALE. It is just that the source line item you reference must have used a time dimension. 

    I have not read the entire sprint user story but seems to me that the Week Dimension can simply be removed from the target module.
    I hope this answers your query.


  • hi @mstanisic 


    You can omit the time dimension from the module , the 'has data' boolean has timesum formula which checks whether for any period the value is there in source or not , so the module from where you are taking timesum (source should have time dimension) , here value will come if you exclude the time dimension from blueprint for the target module 


  • Hi @Kanishq17 

    Thank you for clarifying this, I managed to remove the time dimension successfully. Your help is much appreciated. 

  • Hi Jairam,


    Thank you for your clarification and feedback regarding the TIMESUM formula. This does answer my question and I managed to resolve the query. I really appreciate your help.