New Modelling Experience: New formula editor goes straight into edit mode


In the new modelling experience, when expanding the formula bar to display the whole formula in the new formula pane at the bottom of the screen it goes straight into 'edit' mode. This means that if you then click on another line item it adds '+[Line Item Name] onto the formula without you meaning to do so.


Anaplan need to change this so that a model builder can expand the formula, see it in the new pan but not automatically make it editable - this is so that you can click through and review the full formulas without risk of changing them without knowing.  




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  • Asslam



    I would like to support this request, as I was about post this feedback. The UX section of formula looks great, but the existing classic vertical pane and the Syntax we were getting around with A+ plugin was easy to manage long and complex formula. 

    Therefore, feedback suggestion is to have the pane vertical with syntax and also in the current design we are not able to view the formula in the lower pane without editing the formula. Which sometime is risk to view the formula in edit mode. 


    Quick example below to understand user experience between classic and UX with mock up if statement. 


    Classic (with A+ Plugin) 







  • Great idea.

  • Sorry, I was originally adding the idea to drag the bar up and down, but as I went to test it, I see it's already there now. So please disregard the second part of the title!

  • It is a big pain to use formula panel, I agree with @Asslam , this will work better and many people need it badly not all orgs allow to install A + chrome extension on system due to security.






  • ChrisM

    I am pleased to say that this idea is on the roadmap for deliver in a future release.

  • This would make troubleshooting formulas a lot easier.

  • +1 to this, I started using the new modeling experience a couple of weeks ago and stopped this week because of this. Will change back once this gets updated

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • @ChrisM  Seems like a different feature is delivered than was was asked from some of us. 

  • Hi @abhay.kanik ,

    Please could you elaborate on your comments?

    From my understanding this idea was about preventing the new formula editor in the new modeling experience going straight into edit mode as per the title "New Modelling Experience: New formula editor goes straight into edit mode", which is what we have delivered with the introduction of the Edit button.

    We have also previously introduced the ability to relocate the formula editor to the side to improve the readability of long formulas. 

    Are you referring to the comments about indentation of the formula? If so I would encourage people to upvote ideas specific to that suggestion like the following:



  • Just my two cents, but this kills my productivity when actually building modules.  Apologies in advance for the mini rant here, but it is relevant.


    It's bad enough not having a hot key to automatically enter the formula mode where you can click on line items to insert references (if there is one, let me know!), but now I have to drag my mouse from the top left of the screen to the bottom right of the screen (27") every time I want to edit a formula in that manner.  Not great for the carpal tunnel. 


    While I understand how this can be useful in some circumstances, it seems generally awful for productivity.  What could be a great common ground is to implement a toggle switch in user settings somewhere that allows users to turn the feature on or off at their own preference.  


    Maybe we make use of the empty space in the "My Account" section to start implementing optional toggles to customize the Model Builder's user experience - put new features in there with default to the original state so users who want the feature can enable it, but other users are not impacted by its rollout. 


    Again, just my two cents, but please don't force the excessive, extra mouse movement requirements on me any longer! 

  • Edith Effort does not approve!



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