New UX Idea - Hide empty categories for end users


Currently any user can see empty category either when there are some pages restricted for user's role or no pages at all.


This can be irritating and I propose to hide those categories which are empty for users who do not have Page Builder role.


In the example below there is a user with Supply Manager role who is not responsible for any Master Data related things - so there is no reason for him to add anything in Master Data category ever.



Will be good to have option to hide such cases.

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This idea was marked as delivered but users noticed that it is not delivered yet.


  • This would be very helpful and would keep our apps looking clean.

  • ckryan

    This would be super helpful. End Users could become confused with categories containing no dashboards. This is would be similar to the same functionality in the classic experience where if an end-user does not have access to any dashboards in a functional area, then that functional area is not exposed to them. Plus as @macsimpson mentioned above, it would keep the app clean.

  • This would greatly improve end-user experience. I consider this a necessity to achieve buy-in for greater adoption of UX App conversions. 

  • This would really help the end user experience.  Empty categories clutter up the app contents page.

  • Hi @KirillKuznetsov , I tagged you in another idea as well. This has been marked as completed but as @erik.bangsund suggests, it doesn't seem to work. I tested a few scenarios, just to be sure and I get the same.

    Would you be able to change the status of this ideas as not delivered ?

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