Changing the Source Model at an APP Level

As part of ALM functionality in New UX, we have an option of changing the source model at the page level. This is a great feature to begin with but we need more robust features on this.


Scenario 1: Consider having 100 pages in an app and all of them coming from the same source model, you wouldn't want to change the source model of  all these pages one by one. (Which is what we are doing currently).

Scenario 2: These 100 pages in app coming from multiple source models. Again Changing the source model one by one plus figuring out which pages are coming from which model is an added burden.


Idea is to have the feature which allows the page builders to change the source model at an app level. Meaning If I change the source model of an app from Model A to Model B, Anaplan should automatically change the source model of all the pages (which had underlying source model as Model A) within the app from Model A to Model B. This will allow page builders to save a huge amount of time and will make New UX more robust & flexible for page builders to design the pages.


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  • Indeed...changing the model per every page could become quite painful for big apps. 


    It is already the functionality that shows at App level what are the source models in "Show models" option.

    Why not add there the possibility to change per every model, the source model and in back-end all the pages to be changed the source model with the new model. 


  • I support this idea!
    Sometimes for testing, you need to quickly switch a copy of the APP to a new/test model ... and now it is very painful (long and boring). Make a centralized setup!

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