Workspace admin access



How can I get workspace access. I had the access till last night and now it's gone.

I am not able to see my models and data. 

I was sent a link via email to register. So i am not sure how top get this access reinstated. 




  • Hi @Archita ,


    Your Anaplan administrator access might have been revoked. Kindly contact your organization's access management team to get it back.




  • Hi Anand,

    Thanks for your message.

    However, I am doing the anaplan training by myself. It isn't through any organisation. I was sent a link to activate my account and through that I have been creating the models.
    Since the access is revoked, all data is lost
  • @Archita 


    Email to [email protected] with your model ID and workspace ID they will be able to do it.




  • Hi @Archita ,


    I hope you must have got a trainer assigned. Kindly contact your trainer, he/she must be able to reset your access levels back. And nothing will be lost, all the models that you have built will be present in the respective workspace, if nobody has purposely deleted it.



  • thanks Anand.

    I have emailed the person who organised the access and the registration link.
    hope it works soon.