Customer User List to circumvent the limitation associated with User List?


Dear All,

Was experimenting with something, don't know all implications of this logic and so wanted to share to all of you for discussion and input 🙂

At this point I know of 3 limitations of User list (there could be others not sure).

1. It shows all users on workspace(not just model), at times this can be a nuisance if we wish to dimension a module with this list as it bloats the module.

2. Can't do summation from a module that uses this list as it does not have a top level (am I right with this understanding? was getting error messages on these lines)

3. When I try to implement user filter on modules the totals don't sync to filtered values.


So what I did was created 2 custom user lists per below


Created a system module per below


Imported this into the U2 list per below (pls bear with the masking)


Now I'm using this to dimensionalise reports with user filters.  It works for my project work but wanted to know if this would be a workable solution for real customer projects?


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  • Sorry missed to mention one point, when I import from system module I use a boolean and bring in only relevant users into the U2 Custom User Child list, this way it is more manageable in size and relevance.