Google Sheet Addin: Remove leading spaces from Lists items


Our primary purpose for pulling data from Anaplan into Google Sheets is to use it as a data source. This purpose is made significantly more difficult by the formatting of list items brought in through the add in. Specifically, lists are formatted with leading spaces as you can see by the "      Bookings" member in the screenshot below:


Leading Spaces.png


While this formatting may be helpful for presenting hierarchical lists, it is not helpful for pulling data from the table using SUMS, LOOKUPS, or the like. It forces us to use a workaround. You can see in the image I attached that we've added 3 'cleansing' columns that are simply 'TRIM()' references to column D-F. All formulas pulling from this table then reference columns A-C.


When added to the issue that I need to ask my users to set up their own connections (one user connection ownership), having this additional step makes the add in look poorly designed.


If it's a vote between presentation and usefulness, I choose usefulness.

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