Mobile App Usage Data Monitoring


As a client Anaplan Tenant Administrator,


I would like to have the ability to monitor how my Anaplan mobile app users are interacting with my Anaplan platform.


So that I have a better understanding of how my Anaplan end users are interacting with the platform via the Anaplan mobile app.

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  • DingZ

    Food for thought:

    • This feature could be deployed directly in the Mobile App; or
    • This feature could be part of the Administration Area of Anaplan; or
    • This feature could be part of the model history in the model(s) where the UX app is built on.

    Or in the best case scenario, this feature could include all the points mentioned above.

  • rakeshk

    Much needed feature to track all user across different devices. Mobile, Laptop , ipads etc...

  • DingZ

    Perhaps good to clarify the background of the ask:

    • The client considers (Anaplan) access via mobile a risk (depending on useragent (browser/app, operating system)
    • The client cannot block the high-risk use cases using current technology
    • To mitigate resulting risk, we are looking for a “detective control” – detecting high-risk use cases using audit logs, and taking action
    • In order to take action, we would to get in touch with the actual user – hence we would need to translate the userid (in the Anaplan audit logs) to a Shell user id that we can actually contact or block.


    Assumption is that the useragent data would allow us to detect the following cases:

    • Access from a browser on a any mobile platform (e.g. iOS, Android)
    • Access from a browser or app on the Android platfom
    • The audit log information seems to document the useragent, including browser and version, and operating system
    • We assume that the user agent / operating system would allow us to detect Android, and that the user agent / browser would allow us to detect browser access

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