Anaplan Excel addin and powerpoint addin not visible to all users


Hi,I have installed the Anaplan Excel addin and Anaplan Power point addin. Both are not visible to other users in the system.Thanks,Gireesh


  • @Gireesh 

    I suppose every user has to install it in their own system to use it.




  • Hi @Gireesh ,


    When you install the Anaplan addon in excel. It will look something like the below screenshots.


    Anaplan Excel Addon.jpg

    Also if you install the addon, only you will be able to see it in your excel. It wont automatically appear in other users MS-Excel, they also need to install it. 

    If the users are unable to see the addons, kindly ask them to contact their system administrator and get it reinstalled properly. Also please go through the below article



    I hope it helps