Can we enable Customer support link(on right corner, under help menu, last option)


It will great allow admins to customize helpdesk/support emails for the given workspace to specific group emails to reach internal support, instead of, which is not relevant for end-user.

When end-user click on the customer support link, we would like the email should be triggered to our internal support instead of vendor support. since these requests/questions are specific to the model/app they are using 

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  • Niraj.B

    Agree. This would also be beneficial for Anaplan so all their tickets are logged on portal on first instance.

  • Hi, as I have this topic at several customers, I have asked them to kudo.


    Just to create an user story:

    I as an tenant admin/workspace admin,

    I need to be able to give the end users the contacts of my own internal CoE when an Anaplan (error) message pops up,

    because today the end user is "directed" to in the Anaplan (error) messages and this results in confusion for the end user and for the end user longer processing time as Anaplan needs to "redirect" these users to their own internal support organisation. Only the members of the CoE should contact 


    Fyi: users contact often Anaplan for getting access to some products, to see some pages, to get access, for the app/model not working (create items for instance) and the customer has its own Anaplan CoE to support these questions. End users also use the Help and contact there :

    Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 10.11.23.png

  • Hello, 

    This has been requested multiple times now. For my customer, ideally, Tenant Administrator will be able to customise/change the email address to which the Support button is redirecting, so once the Outlook window is opened, the correct Support is in the loop. This is very important, as it was mentioned before, as end users often don't need to reach out to our support:, but to internal customer support. 

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