The Rise of Planual 2.0


The Planual (Anaplan Planning Manual) was the first comprehensive set of documented Anaplan best practices based on system performance test results and Hyperblock engine optimization. Now, we’re taking it to the next level with version 2.0. Learn about how we’ve made the Planual even easier to navigate and interact with on the Anaplan Community, some of the newest best practices and thought leadership that has been recently added, and how you can immediately apply this guidance to your next model build.


  • Sanjeev Agrawal, Founder and Director, Deflytics
  • Misbah Ansari, Lead Consultant, Wipro Limited
  • Neha Bisht, Senior Business System Analyst, Adobe


  • Hi, Was Planual 2.0 going to be published as a seperate page or an edit to exisiting pages?
  • @DennisL and @rob_marshall we noticed the Planual is in a new format this year. Initial feedback is that this new format is more difficult to navigate versus the prior format which had a very clear table of contents (we acknowledge the current version has a navigation panel but its not as intuitive), and the contents itself seemed to "flow" in a more user friendly manner. Also, in lieu of the old format, could a PDF version be made available?

    Is there a proper forum for Planual feedback? We tried searching on Community with little luck. More than happy to move the discussion there.

    Thank you!

  • @Joshua.Huilar

    Yep, I get that and agree with you. We can see what we can do, but this occurred when we migrated to the new Community software...Let me get with Eric and see what we can accomplish.

  • Following :)

    I am wondering if this transition is going to help navigating the learning portal as well and/or validate/resolve broken links issues?