Extract User details from Model - Automation


Hi Anaplanners,


We got a requirement where client wants to automate a daily report extract from the Anaplan to the source system for the details of Users and the Role in anaplan model. Assuming no ETL is been setup, what could be the best possible way of implementing this. Is any batch script or Postman helpful in implementing this? This needs to be daily or weekly activity so we might need to add a scheduler as well.


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  • @ShivankurSharma 


    Setup an export definition from your user settings , Don't try to do it from  module as if you use use list in module it removes users with no access and I am sure you need those details as well in this case.

    On pushing data to the source system , you will need an ETL or you can use a python script but it will not be very straight forward because you have to accommodate API's of both anaplan and source system in that.

    I recommend to utilize whatever tool you have available in the ecosystem instead of inventing the wheel again.