NUX-Open Source Module



In the classic dashboard, we were able to turn off the ability for the end user to open source module, can the same be done on the New UX, if so can someone tell me how ?

I dont want the end user (without workspace admin) to have that feature 



  • Hi @Sachinsourav02 ,


    If the users do not have WS admin access, they will not be able to open the modules (be it classic or NUX). So, you need not make any additional changes apart from the WS admin setting.


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  • @Vinay VaradarajM 

    That certainly does not seem to be the case, a user with no workspace admin and no page builder role was able to
    >Click on the three dots on top right hand side of the card
    >see the module name (MOD01 TEST)

    However, on clicking the above the user is directed to the MODEL and not to the specific Module, which i believe is the case for all users. 

    Is there a way i can turn it off for the end users, at least for non workspace admins


  • GONI



    I think it is not available in NUX yet. That functionality should be on the roadmap. 



  • Hi @Sachinsourav02 ,


    I meant users cannot open the source modules wherein they can make any changes to the formulae.

    But, now I understand your point! And as you said, they will be directed to the Model.


    Also, if there are modules showing up in contents panel, it needs to be carefully managed (as they can access modules in default view which was otherwise not accessible in NUX because of custom views/module views etc.)