L2MB sprint 2 exam questions




I have just passed the sprint 2 exam however, i could not get the answers for question 1 and 9. 


can you please help me to understand where i was going wrong and what are the correct answers?






  • @Archita 

    Impressive! I really appreciate your wish to understand the questions you missed. Me too. However, for obvious reasons, we can't post the answers on this site. What we can do, however, is talk about the general topic of the question. If you could provide a little more detail on the context of the two questions, perhaps I could lend some insight and point you to some good discussions.

  • Archita

    Hi Jared,


    Thank you for your message.


    Would it be possible for you to send me answers personally via email?

    The first question was about selective access for product supply manager and the other one was front to back model design process steps. 

    I have read and re-read these topics so many times already. But somehow I got these questions wrong in my every attempt.