Ability to combine processes across models in CloudWorks


The use case is to orchestrate a data integration workflow in one CloudWorks schedule containing steps executing model-to-model imports from many processes residing in various models, e.g. update DataHuab lists and modules, then update planning model lists and modules, then update reporting model lists and update.

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  • I think having the ability to define a multi-step model to model integration would be very helpful.  Especially in circumstances where we are looking to push data from the Data Hub across all models in our workspace.  Cloudworks was an awesome release, looking forward to see how it continues to evolve.

  • This would be so impactful given that spoke models are obviously dependent on the Data Hub refreshing with data first.  

  • An absolute must have feature in CloudWorks, so that we are able to do Chain Integrations in the model. Really appreciate if it can be added in upcoming releases for CloudWorks.

  • Linking processes in cloudworks would go a long way to increase usability and automation of heavy data processes

  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • This would be unbelievably helpful! Our environment has a lot of models that pass data back and forth, being able to manage all of this within Cloudworks and not a 3rd party provider would be great.


    Also having the ability to make folders inside of Cloudworks would be helpful. This would allow a user to organize integrations however they see fit.

  • AshwinK
    edited February 2023

    Hello all,

    We are excited to announce that Integration Flow is generally available within Cloudworks. With Integration Flow you can now save time and minimize errors by daisy chaining multiple pre-existing integrations across models and workspaces.

    Here are just a few of the key features that make Integration Flows stand out:

    • Run integrations in a sequence cross-workspace, cross-model.
    • Schedule the entire flow to run at a desired cadence

    Try it out today:

    Thank you for your continued support.

  • david.savarin
    edited February 2023

    Really useful additional feature.

    @AshwinK Will this be available through the cloudworks api endpoints ?

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