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I am not understanding the logic behind Read/Write Access Drivers whatsoever. In the attached document i have provided an example with 2 other scenarios of my own from the training. is what I have highlighted in the final columns correct? I am really struggling with this concept of what access permission would be granted.

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  • anand.shekhawat



    Read/Write Access drivers are basically boolean formatted line items which enables you to access cell level data in that specific line item in which it is set. I would suggest you to go through the topic on Anapedia.


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  • Misbah




    Yes you are right but there is a caveat.


    The Boolean formatted line items that you are using for these access drivers have to be checked. Let's understand it further with three examples that you shared



    Example 1:

    If the line item that has been applied in Column D as access driver has all the boxes checked then it will have WRITE Access, if the boxes are not checked then it will see if the boxes in the line item used as access driver in Column C are checked, if yes then it will have READ Access and if not then the Cells will be Hidden meaning you will not be able to see anything within the cells in that line item if the check boxes in both of these line items are not checked even though the access drivers have been applied.

    Example 2:

    Since you don't have Read Driver enabled it will check if the boxes in the Write Driver are enabled if yes then it will give Write Access else it will Hide the cells

    Example 3

    Same as Example 2


    Bottomline is that it depends on the checkboxes of driver line items as well.


    For more info here is the link from Anapedia on DCA


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  • drathod

    Thank you for the explanation. And how will permissions be affected if it were on the Module level versus line item level?

  • drathod

    So for;

    example 1: Boolean is marked true for both, this will give write only permission?


    Example 2: Boolean is marked true for write, and false (boolean not selected) for read, then it will be Write permission?


    Example 3: Boolean is marked true for read, and false (boolean not selected) for write, then it will be read only permission?


    What does the blank mean in the example 2 in the read access driver column? shouldnt that be populated?