Import user list with a button, dev model vs Production model


Hello Everyone, 


I have a production and development models. But I can't import users with a csv file in the deployed model (but I can add manually users one by one...) , so I wanted to create a action with a button in a dashboard in the dev model, so I created the action. But contrary to a standard import, with this button I can't chose the csv file I want to import, but I need. 

- do i have another way to create massivly users directly in the deployed app 

- how can i have the option to chose the csv file i want to import with the button I created in the dev model and do a revision tag after ? 




If you have an idea or suggestion, please let me know. 

Thanks you ! 


  • Hi @margauxplet 


    I can think of 2 options.


    Option 1

    You can upload a data file, i.e. Users.csv into a custom module in the Development model, before creating an action that pulls users from DEV to PROD in the PROD model.


    Option 2

    If you are a workspace admin in the PROD model, then you can go to 'Actions > Import Data Sources > New Sources' to reupload a new but same named Users.csv, before you either run the action from the Actions page, or the published action on a dashboard.


    A model being in deployed mode shouldn't stop you from reuploading a new but same named file.




  • @margauxplet 


    In addition to what @LipChean_Soh  suggested , there is a 3rd long way if you have to do it repeatedly and is more strategic than tactical.

    Step 1 - create a numbered list name it fake users import users into it with code as email ID, name the action accordingly. Lets suppose it as 'Action 1'  for now.

    Step 2 - Create a module using that list, name it 'User details'. with line items email ID, first name, last name, role, Delete Flag(Boolean)  and import the data into it. lets call it 'Action 2'. keep formula in delete flag as 'TRUE'

    Step 3 - Setup and action into user list from User details module .'Action 3'

    Step 4 - Create a delete action using delete flag .'Action 4'. This will clear out your list fake list an data after import so that you don't use unnecessary space for it.

    Put all the actions in a Process in same order created, Publish it on dashboard. It will allow you to select file and add users in prod model.

    Don't forget to mark fake list as production.