What Are Best Practices for Workspace Design?


Can anyone share best practices when it comes to workspace design? The only practical resource I have found online is here https://help.anaplan.com/en/005c7396-7044-478a-8bf6-fe8e9845dd17-Separation-of-Duties.


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    Follow the link and you'll find few more best practices.


    It might help you




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    In My experience we always had 3 workspaces for Dev, QA/Testing and Production for each functional area or planning area. So if you have Finance and WFP use 6 workspaces. Recommended Size of workspaces will be in the order Prod>QA>Dev. 

    Except all these keep separate ones for datahub( Dev, Prod and QA) because that will simplify your entitlements.

    Although these are not defined best practices but this setup works and is easy to maintain.

    Hope it helps!