Remove ability to edit Formula column on Line Items in Blueprint Mode


I've always been told as best practice to not edit formulas for line items directly in the formula column of blueprint view, instead to click on the line item and then activate the formula bar on the top of the page.


However, we recently had a new model builder, who had not yet heard about this best practice, copy and paste a formula into the formula column instead of activating the formula bar, pasting the formula, and hitting enter. The system actually took the formula, even though there was an error in it. This error was able to be pushed to production, and caused quite a bit of disruption for the users. Attached are details about the specific situation.


The scary part: we don't necessarily know where there could be other issues with mismatched source and target conditions similar to this one until users experience a disruption in prod unless we test the whole set of dashboards in this model.


My thought/idea: why do we allow for people to even edit this formula column if there could be such significant issue when it is edited directly instead of using the formula bar? I'd like to suggest that we don't allow people to edit the formula column to prevent these cases, since editing it is against best practice and can cause such a disruptive issue to occur

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