Tenant Name Sync when accessing NUX Pages via URL


Request: We would like to request that the tenant name synchronize with the NUX page that is accessed through a URL.


  • Current behavior: Currently, when selected on a certain tenant then accessing a NUX page of a different tenant via URL, the tenant name does not sync to match the tenant of the NUX page.
  • To replicate the issue:
    • Step 1: Save the URL of a NUX page that lives in a particular tenant (e.g. Tenant A).
    • Step 2: Select a different tenant (e.g. Tenant B).
    • Step 3: Access the NUX page from Step 1 via the saved URL. The tenant name will still show "Tenant B", even though the NUX page lives in Tenant A.
  • Issue: The current tenant name behavior poses a large risk of exposing tenant names that need to be kept anonymous during live demos. This is especially relevant and pressing for those who are often switching between tenant workspaces.
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