Any Way to Assign Multiple Roles to a Single User?


We have a model with 10 distinct areas (consisting of lists/modules/NUX pages) within a single model that require roles to access. These have been set up and are working as intended. The new requirement we just received was that some users will need access to multiple areas. What's the best way to approach something like this? Ideally you could assign multiple roles to a single user but that isn't an option in Anaplan from what I can tell. Will we just have to make a bunch of roles with access to different areas? That approach works but it seems like a nightmare to maintain and tedious to set up. Any other suggestions?


  • @brettnish 

    I'm not aware of a way to assign multiple roles in the same model, but you can utilize selective access to limit the access. DCA is also a good choice if you need the security to be dynamic or conditional. As you correctly surmised, the complication here is because there are multiple applications in the same model. Pros and Cons with that strategy. 

  • Hi @brettnish 


    Assuming you have Role A with access A, and Role B with access B, and you need to assign someone with access A and B, then you'll need to create Role C for that.


    It's easy to get out of hand by creating redundant roles, so you should do an audit once in a while.




  • @brettnish You can leverage combination of Roles (from managing Modules security), Selective Access (for Lists security) and Dynamic Cell Access (for Line Item security).