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Hi, I want to use "Workflow" two times like this.

Step1 : Demand Approve.

Step2 : Supply Approve.

This means,

First Employee make a demand plan, and get approval from Manager.

Next Employee make a supply plan, and get approval from Manager.


The problem is when step 1&2 run together.

Workflow has one flow, so I think I cannot do this.


To solve this problem, I made another List Manager2 List ,Employee2 List.

But "Has Workflow" could not selected.



Can I have two workflow?



  • @hyudolee 

    I like where you're going. But, for me, I try to keep it a little more simple. When I need to chain workflows together I just use DCA. Meaning, in the case you describe, I cannot approve the supply plan until the demand plan has been approved. Simple Boolean will detect that and I can use that with DCA. The only complexity comes when I need to reset the Booleans which can be done with an import action as part of the overall workflow or as part of the monthly turnover.

    Anyway, just an idea.

  • Hi @hyudolee 

    You can use custom workflow, in this case, using dynamic cell access and selective access, will solve your problem as by selective access you can mark roles of manager and by DCA you can control the approval process by setting up some boolean line items as per requirement.

  • @hyudolee 


    Take a look at this video, I think this might help...