Formula Box Auto-Resizing/Docking/Undocking


Having the flexibility to have the formula bar in the new modeling experience expended at the top versus jump to the bottom. In addition having the ability to move the formula bar around similarly to undocking and redocking so that the  window has an auto-sizing feature when you toss it to the edges of your screen or portions of the interface (specifically the main viewing space). This is quite similar to that of the Windows newer feature for when you drag a window to the edge of the screen while also retaining the original windowed view if you don't push it to an edge.

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  • Hugo

    In Prod, in the blueprint, it's impossible to read longer formulas as its read only (deployed) and cannot be expanded to view the formula content (unless you drill down the formula outside the blue print on a specific value).

  • I agree - we always have to go into DEV and look at the formula and then switch back to prod to see where the data issue is when troubleshooting. I've been tempted to switch back to classic for this reason.

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