Notification : How to restrict address?


Hi, I want to use Notification Function in UX.

I want a function that Member can mail to Manager.


There are a function can select recipients by module.

So, I tried to use it and make this List and module.


List: Manager List & Member List



Mail Module (from Member to Manager)

Appliers ToLineItem 


But in this case, I have to chose Member List in Recipient context.(picture) 



I think I have to make a module has Users in Applies to.

But Users has no properties and I can not use finditem function,

so I can not find the manager address. 

Mail Module  


How can I solve this problem? (Input Manager List to Mail Module by hand  is not answer)


Please tell me idea!


  • Hi @hyudolee 
    Currently this is difficult as the UX doesn't support a filtered list of Users.
    We can do this though by exporting the Users list (or exporting from a filtered saved view) and importing to another list. That list is either a pre-filtered list of managers or you can put a subset on it.
    Create a module dimensioned by that new list or subset to use with the notification action.

    I've created some screenshots to help here:

    Imported Users to a list called 'Fake Users' and set a subset for 'managers'

    A module is created dimensioned by that subset with a FINDITEM on Users list in a Users formatted line item.

    This gives us our filtered list of Users for use in the notification action.


  • You could have a managers boolean in a module dimensioned by Users, filter on that and export those users if you wanted to manage the managers that way rather than through a subset.

  • Also look at this on Idea Exchange, I think it covers your needs. If not you could create a new idea there.
    New UX: Send Notification to Anaplan Roles/AD Grou... - Anaplan Community

  • We’re actually looking into this at the moment as part of some extensions to support notifying multiple recipients driven by a module. One of the module examples we’d like to support matches this idea quite closely with scenarios like “send a notification to all users in my selected region where the ‘forecast completed’ boolean is false”.