Dynamic Cell Access

Hi Team, 


May I have your help with the Application of Dynamic Cell access please? Having created AD01 P3 by Account, I'm unable to make cells editable within DEM03, pictures attached. 


Thank you 



Best Answer

  • @mstanisic now you have set it this way that your checkboxes which are used for DCA depend on the same DCA. And since all of them are FALSE - you don't have access to modify them.


  • Apparently, you need another line item with an Override Value (number formatted) and DCA will be applied to it. No need in DCA on "Override?" because it is the driver to some other line item.



  • Thank you for clarifying this and for your quick response Kirill, I really appreciate it. 

    Best, Matthias

  • Hi Kirill, 


    May I confirm that you would like me to add another line item?


    Thank you