New UX: Dynamic grid update based on filter settings


As a model builder I want to be able to setup a Grid which will be updated dynamically every time after a user wants to reselect any line item published as Field or Grid which are used as filters, but without the necessity of reloading the page.

Current behaviour allows to have the same effect, but only if the User list is applied to the filter line item.

In my below example Weight filter (which is published as a feild) is applied via boolean on Y-axis of the grid to the right. The boolean filter has only the Weights list as a dimension.


I know if I apply the User list to the Weight selector and the boolean - this will drive dynamic update of the grid.

This user story does not require many people to use this functionality. So user list here (even for the two line items) is redundant.

My proposal is to remove the necessity of the user list for dynamic update of a grid.

The benefits can be different. In multi-dimensional grids this extra dimension of user list might take a lot of space and extra calculations. And simply extra work to set it up as a modeller.


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  • I support this idea!
    Often newbies ask: why doesn't auto-update work?
    And they are surprised that you need to add users. All the more often there are blocks on fake users and intersections give too much sizing.

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