New Layer between Departments and Teams (Organisational structure)


Hi colleagues, 


I am a new user and very happy to be part of this community. 

I'd like to ask you a simple question having the need of a 3 layers organizational approach: 


- Is it possible (and in case, how to) to create a new organizational layer between Department and Teams? I would need to have L1 Departments (which group all units and teams within the Dep) - L2 Units (which group just few teams) and are included in their respective Dep - L3 Teams.

In this way, when I select a Dep I can see all staff in it (staff working at the Dep level and those included in its units and teams). When I select a Unit, I can see the staff working at the Unit level + the staff working in the teams part of the unit. When I select the Team, I can only see the staff working for the team.


I hope I made myself clear. 

I really appreciate your help. 

Many thanks, 




  • @Leonardo7 


    With the assumption that this is a levelized hierarchy (each team rolls up to a unit and each unit rolls up to a department) you can do this by creating 3 lists:


    1. L1 Department

    2. L2 Unit (Parent L1 Department)

    3. L3 Team (Parent L2 Unit)


    You will then set the list structure to have the parents as listed above and then when you load in your lists, you'll be able to setup each unit to roll up to a department and each team to roll up to a unit. You will then use the L3 Team as a list in a module and set the summary method for the line items as applicable to have Anaplan calculate the totals for each layer of the hierarchy.