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On-time settings, as per the standard feature of Anaplan for the weekly calendar, the first and last date of the fiscal year is aligned with the last/nearest day of a month selected (Eg. Last Sun of Mar), however, is there an option to customize the starting and ending week of the fiscal year.


For example, the first week of the year should start on the first day of the fiscal year (1-Apr) only, similarly, the last week must end on (31-Mar) only across all fiscal years.


I would like to know if there are any suggestions on this?


Thanks and Regards,

Yash Viroja


  • @Yash13 


    Nope, if it is supposed to be done for every fiscal year then it certainly can't be done using Anaplan Native Time. Not that Anaplan has limitations but it is the that logic doesn't allow it to happen.


    For example if  you are doing a weekly planning and the fiscal year starts from 1st April , then the next 52 weeks (53 weeks if it is a leap year) will not take it to 31st Mar of Subsequent year - that's because weekly planning in Anaplan doesn't happen for exact 365 days, it happens only for 364 days for every 4-6 years years and 371 days for those years where 53rd week is taken into account. Hence 1st April - 31st Mar timescale will not be created in all of the years (it may be created for any one of the years but not all)


    However you can use custom time scale and create it in such a way that your 52nd week has greater than, less than or equal to 7 days so that you ending fiscal year is always 31st Mar


    Hope that clarifies it


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