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The information toolbar suggests that we pivot in Anaplan using filters and pivot feature. This is an inconvenience from the user experience perspective. If that were to be the case then we are better off creating views for everyone. Moreover, this feature that's been mentioned as information does not work as intended. Could you please show us the information page in the community where we can refer to what has been mentioned here?







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  • Anaplan Case Number: 00367086: Self Service SAML


    It was a prerequisite that to use pivot in G sheets, the customer must be on self-serving SAML. However, despite being on self-serving SAML, we are not able to pivot. Could you please elaborate more regarding this?


    @MagaliP @annejulie Any help from you would be truly appreciated as we are very keen to use this daily (customer of Anaplan) 




  • Hi @Adithya S I've recently taken on the Google Sheets add-in from Magali.


    Pivoting directly within Google Sheets is on our roadmap for the last part of this year and should be available by January/February.


    This message refers to pivoting and filtering inside the model itself to create a new saved view, I appreciate it will be much more flexible when we have completed the above enhancement and you won't need to do this anymore. 

    With regards to your case I can see this was closed, could you submit a ticket to support if this is still not working as expected?

    Emily - Product Manager, Anaplan Extensions

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