Not able to access the Anaplan with non-SSO login as I already have Anaplan account access via SSO



I am not able to login to Anaplan with non-SSO signin for the training as I already have Anaplan access via SSO. It throws an error when I go to and try to login in without using SSO.  The training course via Anaplan Elevate’s Certified Model Builder Program says that I will have to use non-SSO to be able to access the WS where I will be doing the model creation activities related to the training.


Is it possible to login to Anaplan with non SSO when you already have an account with SSO login? Is there a work around for this login issue? Please help!





Best Answer


  • @rtearp You need to be either an SSO enabled user or NON-SSO Enabled user. 


    Just wondering whether you can change the SSO enabled user to a NON-SSO Enabled user for the training purpose. You can still be a WS admin as a NON-SSO enabled user.



  • Thank you for your help. Appreciate it !


    I was able to login after I tried incognito.