How can i add maintenance message page when my model under maintenance


HI Team,


I am in requirement to add a maintenance message. How can i access this master page in Anaplan and add to my model whenever require. please help with detail steps to follow.





  • If New UX is applied to you model then you have at least two options:


    1) You can add a description to the App 


    2) you can simply add another dummy model to the new page of the same App. You have to create new model and a page on the existing App.

    On this page place the required maintenance info.


    Then whenever you have to do maintenance you can put your main model to offline mode (then only you and everyone who has Admin will be able to work in the model) and open the maintenance module for users so they could see the page of maintenance. 


  • If you have only classic UX then you can create a role called Maintenance mode and a DB with the info. And provide access to that DB only.
    Then whenever you have to you can change users' access to Maintenance mode and users will see only this DB.
  • Hi @Jerin_KJ 

    Couple of questions:

    Are you using ALM? If so then development updates can be deployed following communication out to users.

    What sort of maintainence are you doing?


    Would suggest to put the model to off-line then users won't be able to access it. Clearly need to ensure that correct levels of communication are in place.


    Hope that helps.