Use setting grids as a model Import Dat Source


There are certain fields in the settings tables of a model that would be very useful to be able to easily import into a module for further calculation/model usability. The uses I have already encountered would be:

  • The 'user settings' table - this would allow filters and dynamic cell access more easily based on role, or to provide an in model snapshot/historic view of user access. 
  • The 'actions' table - specifically the 'Start Date and Time (UTC)' value would be very useful to be able to expose to end users, to show exactly when various process were last run without needing to give them workspace access.
  • The 'general lists' table - specifically for the 'Next item index' value, to be able to easily aggregate and create warnings within Anaplan when a list is approaching the max index. 

Currently these settings tables can be exported, and that export can be save as an export definition to be run by end users. However, there is no functionality to import those tables directly into a module within the model. The only workaround would be to have the end user export the file, then re-upload that file as an import, which is cumbersome and error prone. 


I could imagine the 'Select Source' having a 'Settings' radio button in addition to 'List', 'Module', and 'Saved View': 



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  • Noah - I had this same idea today and just found your post while researching community. I posted a similar one that would allow for this exact idea, but it is more general: Allow us to use Saved Export Definitions as Import Data Sources (which would then allow us to use all these settings menus without manual download intervention).


    Hopefully folks eventually see one or both of our posts!


    Link to mine: Using Saved Exports as Import Data Sources - Anaplan Community

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