New UX: Model Status/Refresh Messaging on New UX Page


Idea is to have a message or status on the New UX page in order to notify user that something is happening in the model that is causing the model to queue or be blocked (examples include: save state, actions, etc.).  The lack of messaging causes massive frustration for users who think the New UX page is "slow".  The classic UX had a "toaster" message, while annoying at least provided an understanding of model performance.  

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  • Thanks for all the kudos on this idea! I'll be following up with a real work example of the experience of a model save state while users are working in the New UX.

  • This is a solid idea 👍,  I definitely agree with and have use for the actions one especially if a large process is running. That would help to let the users know what's going on especially if it says 'Process is being run by user xyz' so that you know who is running the process. I'm not sure if you have ALM enabled or not but you can always avoid part of it by having a DEV App and PROD app sitting over the DEV and PROD models (if you have ALM enabled). That way you can do the work in the DEV model/App, and copy/move the page over when you are done so you're not getting toasters in the PROD App/Model. If there's no ALM in your example then having the 'toaster' message for everything makes sense. 

  • I'm going to dig into this with the engineering teams to see what information the model exposes to us when these processes are running to see what enhancements we can make here.

  • Thanks for the input @Pat_Desmond! Yes we have ALM enabled. This issue here is specifically with under initiated actions and user triggered "save states".  Without the messaging in NUX those activities appear as poor performance or "slowness" to our end users.

  • Status changed to: On Roadmap
  • This is a major gap for our end users, and would like to see this prioritized on the Anaplan roadmap.

    From a feature standpt - would be valuable to see similar alerts & capabilities offered like GoogleDocs/Sheets. In that example, users are informed that "internet is not connected" but are still able to interact with the platform and make updates. When internet is connected, users are made aware and their updates are reflected within the platform.

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