Any way to export which NUX Pages a Role has access to?


We are trying to get a list of all roles + the pages they have access to in the NUX for a single model. If I go to the 'Manage Access' page for the app in the NUX, I can see each page/category + the roles that have access to it. Is there any way to export this table? I thought about just manually copy/pasting it out but the Roles column doesn't actually show ever role once you reach a certain number with access which means I would need to open the security for every single page and write down which roles have access. We have a large number of pages (45+) as well as ~25 roles.


Any suggestions on an easier way to do this? 


  • @brettnish 


    I don’t think so there is any way to export the info. You can log this idea into idea exchange forum.



  • You are right this is not presented in the features yet. You can raise export roles settings for NUX as an idea on Idea Exchange page.
    But i think you still can go with selecting roles one by one. Although you would have to disable workspace admin to see the exact pages related to the role and ask a colleague to switch between roles.
    Then you could select the content of the app's main page to copy and paste to excel.

  • If you're comfortable with interacting with the API, you can make a GET request in Postman (or other) to{appId}/access, replacing {appId} with the GUID of your NUX app (you can find this in the app URL). Authenticate the same way, by adding an AnaplanAuthToken in the Authorization header. 


    This will return the list of pages, and the roles that each have access to in JSON format. 


    (Alternatively if you aren't, just navigate to the same link in your browser  - whilst having an already authenticated session of Anaplan open in another tab. You can then copy and paste the response into a JSON to CSV converter (e.g. JSON to CSV Converter Online (formerly ( so you can load it into Excel or other 🙂 


  • @kevin.chochecked this for myself. Worked perfect, thanks!

  • @brettnish @Misbah @KirillKuznetsov Has this been submitted to the Idea Exchange Forum? I am checking with you before I submit this to the Idea Exchange Forum.