Tenant Administrator Export Functionality Does Not Work


The export functionality within the Administrator section does not export what is filtered on the screen at the time of export. 


For Example: Within the Administration view, under Access Control --> Roles. When I click on the number shown under field "Users Assigned", my screen correctly displays the users assigned to that role. For this example, I clicked on the number for Page Builders. I see the correct list of page builders. 


The error occurs when I click the EXPORT button in the top right corner. This export button exports a CSV file with a totally different number of rows, and totally different users than what is displayed on my screen. It would be very helpful to have this export functionality resolved so that accurate data is exported when the export button is utilized. 


This export issue seems to exist throughout the Administration view, not just within the Page Builders filter that I used for example purposes. 




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  • Thank god, I am not the only one who noticed this. I have noticed this and really needs to be fixed.

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