Cloudworks : Failed to Load Action Steps




I am encountering an error in cloudworks, when I am trying to create a process and I select an action, it says 'Failed to Load Action Steps'


This is happening for a all the models and their process in a particular workspace. Earlier the same actions were working perfectly.


Any help will be appreciated


Aakash Sachdeva


  • This is not happening in my case. 

    Did you try to clear all the cookies in your browser?


    If nothing works, I would suggest to contact Anaplan support.


    Hope it helps


  • @aakash Although I have not encountered this issue but I can say that the error messages in Cloudworks are somewhat misleading. Also I have seen that it takes a bit of time when you try to create an Integration process and connect to Workspace / Model / Process for the actions to show up but it does show up after a bit of wait. I would say, you can try couple of times to see if the issue still persists and then raise the issue with as suggested by @alexpavel 



  • Hi,

    I raised the issue with Anaplan. The issue persisted on a weekend and got resolved on Monday. I confirmed with Anaplan, they didn't make any changes on their part, neither did I make any changes. Although the issue is resolved now, no one has any idea what caused it and what solved it.



    Aakash Sachdeva

  • Interestingly, I've run into the same thing recently. There were intermittent errors, followed by success, with no changes to the actual integration. Not sure if they're working on something in the backend.