Tenant Admin Enhancements - User Management


As a tenant admin user who's instance spans many organizations, workspaces, and contracts on the same tenant, there is a need to enhance the tenant admin for user management/reporting across the platform. Our instance holds hundreds of unique users belonging to different groups, functions, workspaces and models. Currently it is very difficult to manage users in mass; it is done very manually at the individual model levels with no option to review the entire platform.


The following enhancements to the tenant admin user page would be extremely beneficial and helpful to manage users in mass: 


1) End User defined UDF fields on the Users pages. Next to First name, Last name, Enabled, and Last Login, if there can be 4 or so end user defined fields to tag against a specific user. These can be open text or preferably linked to a custom created list to drop down and choose from. (** Note this is very similar as seen on the Model page, where you can drop down and select, there is a "Remove Value and Add new ..." Option. Existing categories at the model level are Business function, App, Environment, Geography and Planning Cycle. For the user section, we recommend  generic headings that the end user can define.)

These headings can be generic UDF1, UDF2, UDF3, UDF 4 etc. for general use and applicability for all users. 

2) Reporting: Please add the ability to export Users to excel/csv. This should include the additional UDF fields above. Note the ability to export would be very helpful on all pages, Users, Models, Work spaces, etc. Currently there does not seem to be an option to export. 


3) Ability to delete and remove a disabled/inactive user. Does not appear to be a way to permanently remove. 




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