"Your card failed to load" errors following 2021-09-11 platform update


This item has been identified as an outstanding known issue.  A workaround is provided until the issue is officially fixed.



Upon loading a page in the UX, you may see all cards displaying "Your card failed to load" messages.

This can be caused by the users role not having access to one or more cards on the page. Instead of just these cards being inaccessible, it causes all cards to display the error.



Contact your Workspace Administrator to check that your user has sufficient access to all the modules referenced by the cards on the affected page.

If this is not possible, an alternative is for a Page Builder to split up the page(s) so that any role with access to the page has access to all the cards on the page.

If these workarounds are not suitable in your use case, please contact Support at support@anaplan.com.



Internal Reference: CORESRV-8108

Best Answer

  • JonathanW

    This issue was fixed as part of the scheduled maintenance on November 6th, 2021