Increase 1 million list item limit for Order list action


Requesting to increase the limit of 1 million list item count for Order list action.

Currently we will get the following error when list item is over 1 million:

Cannot Run Action
The number of items in the list (1000001) exceeds the maximum allowed (1000000)

Screenshot 2021-09-16 at 5.10.27 PM.png

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  • The issue with the current limit is that it seems to be applied to the total number of items in the list rather than the number of children a parent has. Since the sort is done within the confines of the parent it would seem that the limit should be on the maximum number of children any immediate parent has perhaps? but failing that then I would support the increase of the limit to a larger number.

  • Upvoted.

    Just ran into this as well. We have a supply chain use case where we have to concatenate what would be our dimensions in order to avoid creating an incredibly sparse model. If we didn't already have to do this workaround then we could order one of our lists instead of the entire concatenated list.

    To @nick_barker 's point, we are ordering within the parent of which there are only 5-10 child members in our instance.

  • Would like to be able to sort list of 20-30 million items by date to see the most recent items first.

  • Ran into this issue as well. We have an ICM use case and would want to have it across 30 million transactions to sort it by Processing date in order to see latest trades first. 

    For now we are creating a parallel list to solve this but that has size and performance limitations

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