App Related Exports


Similar to how you can export a list of all models in a workspace, we need the ability to export the Apps in a workspace with a report of the connected models.  Additionally, as pages & apps are archived when the connected model are archived, knowing the connected apps/pages with archived models should also be included in this report. 


  • @kaitchura 


    That is very good idea but it is tricky as well.


    An App can be made up of multiple models and workspaces so it means they would have figure out all the workspaces and models which contribute to an app and then report them out



  • Thanks for the response and definitely recognize the complexity!  I think it would be more of a tenant admin level responsibility, as they would normally have access to multiple model visibility with their role.   


    When I consider it -- I would imagine it to be more of an audit of the pages that make up the app with the one model that is the source.  It's a major advantage of the UX compared to the classic -- multiple pages from a variety of source models. 


    EX of Export: 

    Page Name  |       Category       |    Source Model       |    App Name        |        Workspace Name        | Status

    Page 1                   Admin                 Model 1                      App 1                          Workspace 1                  Active

    Page 2                   Admin                 Model 2                      App 1                          Workspace 2                  Archived


    I know in a few models I've worked on in the UX, especially in an ALM environment, the possibility of archiving a model connected to one page in an app is very easy to do.  Since the UX page is connected to that model, when this accidentally happens -- rather than seeing an error page when clicking the link -- it's just completely missing under the category.  If there are multiple pages under the category, then it's sometimes hard to realize that it's even missing unless your naming convention is sequential and all of a sudden page 6 is missing between 5 & 7.  


    To add more complexity, some workflows include the need to copy/archive a copy of the active model, repoint pages to the dev model, then do the data push (as a safety net since we wouldn't be able to restore history past the last revision tag -- making that copy/archived model a backup).  Because we manually repoint all the pages to the dev space first --- there is a chance we forget to repoint ONE page.  Then we don't know WHEN that page was archived so it sometimes becomes a guessing game of archiving and unarchiving old models and see when it goes 5,6,7 again.