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I am trying to Create an App for L1 Lesson 13.3.1 and the Create an App button is missing on my App home page. I searched in other Community posts and this may be because I don't have Page Builder security access? Would someone please assign me the Page Builder role / security access in the "Elevate (Default)" tenant? I really want to work on this today as I'm leaving town Saturday for 4 days and I want to finish Level 1 beforehand! Thank you!


Best, David Shafton


  • You can use My Pages to build the Level 1 board and worksheet pages.

  • @dshafton 


    While you can use My Pages, I would rather you get this fixed correctly.  I would email to get you Page Builder access as I believe further in the training, you will run into issues with using My Pages.



  • Hello @dshafton ,


    As mentioned above we have no access to the Apps during the training. You could do as mentioned above or create it within the model dashboard, which would be the easier way to replicate the requirements of such a task.

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    Bruno Rodriguez

  • The UX section of Level 1 actually instructs trainees to utilise My Pages when building out the Margin Summary board and Volume Entry worksheet.
    While not ideal it would seem that the instructions were written with the inability of some to be given page builder role but as you say ideally it would be best to build these out within an App as some functionality is not available within My Pages.
  • You don't Have the permission to create apps. Contact Your tenant administrator.

    and if you are doing level 1 and level 2 training then this permission will not be available, as creating apps permission is only available in live accounts.