Management Reporting slides download for multiple page selector at once


Currently we can download slides for each page selector by one by one .It would be great if we can download one slide for all item in page selectors at one click .


Scenario - In page selector , we have 100 employees 

Data in slide changes according to page selector (using dynamic text ) .Customer wants to export slide for 100 employees in PDF in  one click instead of clicking one by one on page selector and export .

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  • gosia

    Agreed, it would be great to be able to export everything in the list instead of having to export one by one.

    We have a similar use case, but for property.


  • Would love to see this implemented soon! Would also suggest to the product team that (if possible) having the ability to set up a module with the same dimensions as the Management Report and allows the user to select which combination of selections gets exported.

    For example, if I have a page selector with the choice of 5 countries and another page selector with the choice of 5 products, but there are only 8 out of the possible 25 combinations that are valid, then having a module dimensioned by Boolean or some functionality similar to dependent selection to only print the valid ones would be ideal for calc time, space, and user interaction.

    Note that if this is not possible, then at least the core functionality of printing all page selectors would be preferred and then we can work to create a concatenated list of the valid combinations to be used as the page selector. While not ideal, certainly a fair and reasonable work around given that I believe the core functionality of printing all page selectors with 1 click is 10x more important than what I have suggested above as an additional functionality, so there is no need to wait to ship the functionality.

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